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Welcome to the SBR/ XBRL open services platform ‘InterFiling’. On this website you can:

     Provide knowledge about XBRL and SBR. Please click on the button ‘E-learning’ below to provide knowledge about XBRL and SBR
     Turn your VAT, ICP and XML files into an XBRL document and send the results for free
     Download a taxonomy viewer (runtime version is totally free)

You can automatically assemble all your SBR/ XBRL reports from your application and send the reports directly to the government organizations and the bank.

The platform of InterFiling will keep all your documents online available in an archive. You can also give your accountant or advisor access to the online archive to see all the information.

InterFiling is an open platform who support and linked to many applications. InterFiling is the open platform for you and for your software vendor.





Taxonomy Viewer